New Brand Identity


Brand identity escapes no one these days. No matter how large or small your operation is, you better have a slick business card or risk a slurpee to the face. I adore brand identity. In fact, I confess that I collect beautifully designed brands on Pinterest before bed most nights. Brand teaches our clients, even subconsciously, what kind of experience they will have with our services…often before they have even had one conversation with us. It also plays a huge roll in attracting the kind of clients that inspire us and is one of the best ways we communicate who we are to the world.

Exciting right? I think so.

brand board

Yet, as wonderful as it is, it is literally awful trying to design your own band identity. I have a degree in Graphic Design, but it’s incredibly challenging to design for myself. I went around and around on so many logo drafts, biting my nails and second guessing myself. In the end? You have to just trust your gut and go for it. My original plan was to save all my drafts so that I could show the progress but sadly, I burnt them. Or my Corgi ate them. No matter what, those rough drafts are no-where to be found…vaulted for all of time. I simply can’t stand the idea of looking at my name in ANY more fonts.


I’m thankful that my new brand and business focus is wrapped up and am excited to announce that my new photography website (that this blog is an accessory to) will be launching this week along with some fun giveaways! I hope you will stop by and let me know what you think! I’m not re-branding until after the apocalypse at this point, so while you take a look at my new site I’ll be in the corner with an Irish coffee. Hooray for a fresh look…hooray for finished projects! Hooray for Irish coffees!

Helpful (Hopefully) Tips For Getting A Re-Brand:

  1. Work with a professional designer. I cannot state this enough. There are many sites out there these days offering 5 minute logos and do it yourself solutions. If you are trained in design, go for it! But in order to really have a brand that speaks to your professional focus, represents you well, is unique, and gains you good clients…you’ll need to be working with somebody who knows their stuff. This will be an investment, but it will be worthwhile in ways you cannot imagine. Make sure your designer of choice has a portfolio you like and that you connect with them in a positive way, especially on communication.
  2. Make a Pinterest Board of color palettes, logos, and other inspiration that will help you carve out the beginning stages of your hopes and dreams. You may even show it to your designer (I like it when clients take time to show me inspiration) — however not every designer will find this helpful. Again, make sure you connect with them.
  3. Define your ideal client — this will help your designer develop an appropriate look.
  4. Jump In! The more committed you are both financially and emotionally to the project, the better it will be. Expect good things.


What are your business and/ or creative goals regarding your overall brand as we go into Fall? Do you have a brand identity? If not, what holds you back?


  • This is a really nice article! I’ve certainly thought about investing more time and money to refresh my blog design. As my blog is a hobby, and not a business, I am trying to decide how much I am willing to put towards the project.

    • Thanks Meredith! It took me years to realize I needed to re-brand…which took the form of a major overhaul that included changing my business name, hiring a web developer and re-working my portfolio. It was the right time. You’ll know if it’s ever the right time for you!

  • Erin Lynch

    I love the colors, font, and inspiration photos – Very calming and modern at the same time. Great job!

  • pechluck

    Love the calming and sophisticated color combos. Putting together a Pinterest board or otherwise collecting examples of what you like is critical since many of us only know what we like when we see it! As I blog in my free time I would love to make it more beautiful but keep putting it off for delicious meals instead…

  • Kira Provenzola

    Love the branding and Irish coffee 😉

  • Love your new brand identity! As someone who does branding for a living, I completely agree that it’s the most difficult thing to work on your own. I am constantly wanting to redo everything of mine 🙂 Great work!