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The greatest influence in my photographs is the natural beauty of people. I’m drawn to feminine confidence on camera, in whatever style that takes. However my second greatest influence are flowers. If there is an opportunity to drench my clients in floral or adorn them with ferns, I take it. I cannot help myself I’m simply endlessly inspired by all things botanical. Sometimes I wish I were an elf or a little faerie that could live on the woodland floor, taking naps on mushrooms and drinking water out of acorns.

Did I really type that? Yes I did, and I’m not even the least bit ashamed.

If you are a woodland faerie at heart as well, feel free to download and print out this quote right here.



5 x 5″ 300 DPI .PDF + crop marks for easy trimming out


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  • Stunning!! I love Monet. I used to only buy posters of his Art for my room as a kid. I was so sophisticated!! 🙂

  • Beautiful picture!

  • I saw some of Monet’s later work some years ago at the Portland Art Museum, and it was so lovely. Love this quote too. Thank you.

  • Erin

    What a great quote. Flowers are always really gorgeous so I’m not surprised they inspire so many avenues of art.

  • Lisa Jensen

    Love the photo! The light, the colors, and of course the flowers, are so soft and ethereal. Appropriately paired with Monet.