If you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know that botanicals are a massive inspiration for my creative eye. There is literally nothing that excited me more on camera than florals. And if I can pair florals with compelling faces? I’m in heaven. So my friend Cori (who is also my photo assistant from time to time) agreed to help me test out my new “studio” in my garage. It was a great opportunity for me to get used to shooting with available light indoors…and for her to have some updated portraits. I kept the styling really simple and even if I didn’t nail it, we had a lot of fun. Cori, of course, if flawless with little to no help from me…inside and out.

I’ve had such a busy fall that I’ve taken a break from blogging. This seems to happen more and more frequently as I get older. I really cherish this tiny corner where I can share personal projects, create pretty things and talk about photography. Yet, sometimes I feel burdened by creating content. Then I remember, it’s just a creative space for myself…much like a sketchbook. It can be whatever I need it to be.

Shot w/ Mamiya 645 AF w/ 80mm F/2.8 lens | Fuji400H Film | Scans by Photovision


Model: Corrina Winstead

Dress: Rent The Runway

Florals: Arranged by New Seasons

Venue: Jenni’s White Walled Garage Studio



If you do a search on Pinterest for wreaths, you may immediately say to yourself “nope, nope, nope…too much work”. Or in my case you may gasp on how many different ways there are to make a burlap bow. It’s terrifying really.

I just wanted to make a simple wreath (because I love them). One that was wild, practical…and not going to cost a bunch of money or require me to source botanicals from the local flower market (as much as I love the flower market). So I enlisted the help of my Mom, who runs a Garden Coaching Service called Garden & Twig. Together we foraged our yards for some practical, beautiful items that would make for lovely (and free!) wreaths.

From Jan at Garden & Twig:

Three great choices for simple wreaths are lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. You may be able to find these in your garden or a friends garden (like we did) or you can purchase them from your local flower market. The lavender should be cut and dried in advance or purchased already dried. However the rosemary and eucalyptus will dry on the wreath if kept in a cool dry spot after construction, so these may be cut fresh to use. Good spots for them to dry are outdoor spaces like a covered porch. After a week or so, they can be brought into your home to create helpful aromatherapy for the Fall season (nothing clears a snuffy nose like rosemary and eucalyptus!) You can even hang your rosemary wreath in the kitchen for easy snips while cooking — so many uses for these pretty and practical wreaths!



Wire Clippers

Green Florists Wire on a Base


Your favorite greenery (see above for ideas) – we used Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavender and a bit of Crab Apple

A wire wreath base or grapevine base



Create bunches with samples of your greenery, and keep building along your chosen base while using the wire to wrap around (do not cut the wire but rather keep it attached to it’s base (see below). Continue to repeat this method until your base is full with no gaps. There is no right or wrong way and sometimes the more “wild” a wreath becomes, the prettier it is! You may add a bow or any other accessories you desire (I like to keep my wreaths looking simple and very natural).

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I am by no means a talented arranger of flowers….oh but how I’m trying to learn. Botanicals inspire so much of my photography as well as design work. I inherited this from my mother, who is supreme gardener, terrarium creator and former wedding florist. My struggle is knowing HOW to put all the flowers together and crafting the right shapes and colors together. I’m obsessed with collecting beautiful floral arrangements on Pinterest before I go to bed. It helps with my peace of mind and inspires me endlessly. My arrangements never quite seem to look like the otherworldly ones I collect though!

I want to make fresh flowers apart of our home, so you will see me blog my attempts at arranging and gardening on this blog from time to time.




I’m not sure how much I like this palette…I have a love hate relationship with purple hues. Those hydrangeas did some straight from my back yard though, so I ought to learn to love them. This is my first experiment shooting in my “studio” — which is just a fancy word for my garage with a painted white wall in it. Ever see those gorgeous photos on Pinterest and assume the creator must own a super clean house with big white walls? They probably don’t. What’s more likely is they have a super clean corner and some window light. That is all one needs.

To see my latest floral inspirations, visit my Pinterest board HERE.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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I love browsing the florals when I’m at the grocery store. The market next to our house has the most beautiful small selection, always with interesting things I’ve never seen. It’s a great time to learn more about botanicals, as I find myself drawing them quite a bit for clients in all sorts of different mediums. I recently decided to reduce my sugar intake, which has sneaking chocolate off-limits for the time being. Maybe that is why I was so in love with the peach, pink and chocolate color palette in this fall bouquet, in fact one of the florals pictured is actually called “Chocolate”, also known as Eupatorium Rugosum. If I can’t put chocolate in my stomach, I may as well arrange it on my coffee table!

Does anyone know what these gorgeous chocolate stemmed flowers are? They were un-marked at the market, and I really adore the rich color.

I hope you are finding small ways to inspire your surroundings with the season, and thank you for stopping by this creative space!

xo, Jenni

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Like the photo above? Enjoy a free high res 8×10 print and frame it! Download it HERE.

Whenever I’m feeling down or just need a break from the computer, I like to pick flowers from my yard or walk across the street to New Season’s Market and see what they have in stock. Trust me, I don’t have a gorgeous garden, but I’ve learned to find the bits of color growing seasonally in my back yard and mix them with the most affordable options at the store. You may have seen my “inspire” board last week; I was loving pops of orange, yellow, green, dark purple and black. Today I played with those colors in a very fall inspired bouquet.

Tomorrow is the official first day of Fall. What better way to celebrate than to gift a good friend with a bouquet of autumn inspired flowers! This bouquet cost me $5.50 and I used an old jar that I’d lost the lid to for a vase. Adding your own custom label (or download the one I designed below) can make a flower arrangement that much more special.

Download a free high res label (see above) for your bouquet HERE.
I even included crop marks for easy cutting.

I hope you have a fantastic first day of fall, no matter where you find yourself (busy at the office, toting a bundle of kids to school or enjoying a rare day off). Finally- I leave you with a question, what are you most excited about this season? Answer in the comment section below!

xo, Jenni


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