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This "Photo A Day" Challenge has been swirling around on many of the blogs I follow and I thought it might be a wee bit of fun to join in. I officially started back in on School just a couple days ago. I'm 28 and little out of practice, but other than that, it's been good. 

To say the least, having time to blog will be interesting as I settle into this new schedule, so I thought this photo a day idea would be a great way to help me edge into life this January. Plus it's a way for my readers to get to know me just a little bit more. I'm about 10 days behind this challenge, so I'll probably venture into February with it…but oh well right?

Day one you


I really honestly am wearing that yellow hat as I type this, ha. I'm really glad I chose to put all my new Christmas make up on today, otherwise you would have seen my red nose from having a bad cold the last couple days. It's hard taking a self portrait with my camera, as I'm still gettin used to it. I'm not really much for pictures (despite having taken two pics of myself this week)…so maybe this is a start in a new good direction! 

Maybe a full-bodied pic will show up on a later photo challenge day…yikes! Anyone else know that feeling? Have a lovely Tuesday…I'm off to take a nice long walk and then start in on some homework and housework! 

Peace Out, Jenni


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Here's some pretty shots I snapped during our visit at the Portland Farmer's Market. It operates at the Portland State Campus 8:30am-2pm. There you can find lovely floral arrangements, fresh produce, great music and yummy food. 

My husband and I have been making an effort to re-vamp our health and how we choose to participate in shopping for groceries. After learning where a lot of our food comes from and how it affects the world around us, we've started making baby step changes by shopping local and buying organic as much as possible. It hurts the wallet some at first, but it's worth it.

Farmer's Market


I love Christmas and most everything having to do with the holiday season. I'm told December 21st is the last day of fall…I look forward to the chance of snow (we don't get much of it here in the Portland area), but will certainly be sad to see the golden colors fade. So here's my "Ode to Fall"…a little goodbye and a thank you for being so good to me 🙂


As we wrap up the fall season I hope you all jump in some leaves before they are all gone! Happy Thursday.


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